Oak Bay Ball Park (Windsor Park)

In 1891 the city streetcar line was extended into Oak Bay from the Junction. Ridership during summer months was encouraged by destinations like Oak Bay Beach, Mt Baker Hotel (1893) and the Victoria Golf Links (1893) but, to bolster ridership during winter months, the tram company built Oak Bay Ball Park in 1895. The Park boasted a cinder track and a grandstand seating 2,000. Many athletes of renown played here, including Hal Chase, considered the greatest first baseman of all time.
In 1918 the tram company offered the Ball Park to the Municipality for $10,000. The proposal was put to the ratepayers and defeated by one vote.
In 1921 the Ball Park was again made available to the Municipality for the same $10,000, but this time payable over five years with no interest. It was again put to the ratepayers, and this time accepted.

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